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Too Many Opinions!

Today I thought I'd write about something that happened to one of my students this week that got me thinking...


The most important opinion you can have about your talents is the opinion you have of yourself (though the opinion of your voice teacher is a close second.) 

This student worked very hard on preparing a song for the District Thespian competition here in Orlando. Much to her disappointment, and my shock, her drama teacher didn't think she should sing this song, and instead chose a song for her that was way too high for her. So her choice was either to sing the higher song, or not sing a solo musical at Thespians this year, her senior year. Begrudgingly, and after having to lower the key an ENTIRE FOURTH, we prepared the song. 

Then this week, the week of competition, her drama teacher tells her that while my student sings better than she did in high school, her voice just isn't that great yet, so she needs to really focus on acting the piece to get through the competition this weekend (great teaching ethics, huh? Tell a kid they're not good enough, after you change the song to something that is out of their range...)  After hearing this from my student, and screaming internally for about a minute, I politely reminded my student that it is not her drama teacher's job to evaluate her voice, and furthermore offering up that type of criticism during the time this student is applying for colleges, even though she doesn't have the credentials to make such an evaluation was way out of line.  Had the teacher allowed her to sing the song that was better fit for her, and more comfortable for her, this wouldn't have been an issue. 

I also had to remind my student (and this is getting to the actual point of this blog post), that hers is just one opinion. Everyone is going to offer their opinion to you during their career. Most of them will have no idea what they're talking about. Trust your progress, and trust your teacher within the discipline with whom you are taking. 

You know what they say: "Opinions are like... uh... noses. Everyone's got one, but yours is the only one you have to face in the mirror every morning."  (You thought I was gonna say something else, didn't ya?)