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Rejection is Imminent!


It's this time every year, that I see my voice students deal with the worst part of the college audition process: REJECTION. If you're a big fish in your high school or even local theatre community, you may not be used to this, so it might be a tough thing to swallow. 

Things to remember while searching for schools, so you don't waste your time during the audition process: 

  1. Do your homework! Learn everything and anything about the program you are applying to. Watch YouTube videos of their performances. See what type of performer they are looking for. Take hints and tips from what they ask to see for their prescreens or auditions. If they specifically ask for a piece that is PRE-1970, or similar, that probably means they are looking for singers who are legit/classical. If they ask for a dance pre-screen, their program is probably dance-heavy. Know your strengths, and ask your teachers to be BRUTALLY honest with you about your abilities. If you follow these steps, you can probably cut your list of schools you are applying to down. Applying to 20 colleges is never a good idea. If you are, then you haven't done your homework. 
  2. All this homework can be done from HOME. There is no need to visit all 10 schools you are applying to BEFORE you are accepted. Wait until you receive your acceptance before you spend money to visit the school, or better yet, take the tour while you're in town for the audition! 
  3. Go to Unifieds. Go to the Florida Theatre Conference. Kill two (or ten) birds with one stone and combine your audition trips whenever possible. Try hard at these audition/college conferences to be seen by as many colleges as possible, even if you haven't applied for them, get a walk-up/standby audition while you're there. 
  4. For goodness sake... START EARLY. By the time you finish your junior year, you should have your list of colleges ready to go. You should be working with your teachers over the summer (yes, that means putting off those summer family vacations, and camps that aren't preparing you for college). Sacrificing a summer vacation is a drop in the bucket when these auditions literally will change the trajectory of your entire life. Plan ahead. You should be filming pre-screens in September, not waiting until the deadline dates in November. At this time of year, LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE IS MORE IMPORTANT. You may have to step back and not do the fall show at your school - WHO CARES? Beginning in your junior year, training and preparation for college should be the one thing on your mind. Yes, we all love the instant gratification of applause and being on stage... but no one will be clapping when you don't get into the school you want. 
  5. TRUST YOUR TEACHER. No one knows your abilities better than your own teachers. If they recommend a song that shows your abilities best, then that's the song you should sing...even if it's an "old" song you've been singing for years, or something you may not particularly like.